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It has been a while since I sat down at my desk to write a blog post, but I welcome the familiar sound of my fingers tapping on the keyboard, notes strewn across the desk and makeup swatches up my arm.

So, what have I been up to since my hiatus? I like to say I’ve been travelling the world, partook in extreme sports or better yet, found a cure for an incurable disease, but truth be told I didn’t do any of that. I spent my extended leave playing computer games, watching YouTube videos and going to the gym but immediately undoing all the hard work by going to KFC afterwards.

And while I was away I had time to reflect upon my blog and nit-pick all the things I didn’t like that needed to change. The first thing was the site: I took the opportunity to revamp everything. I felt it was the right time to implement change and I started off with the biggest one. I’m glad I took the risk because I’m happier with the result.

The second thing that was in need of a change was the standard of my content. As an English graduate, I am ashamed of what was put out there. At first reading I can tell it was rushed, full of grammatical errors and there’s no cohesive thought; I was just jumping from one topic to another. As a perfectionist, they were not the standard I strive for and thus I made the decision to start anew. Going forward, I promise every post from today will be to my highest standard.

And lastly, the one thing I want to improve on is the content. I started this as a Fashion, Beauty, and Lifestyle blog, and it will remain like this for the duration. However, I want more for Clothes Confidant: I want it to be fun, different and most importantly, I want to share my culture with you. So, ladies and gentleman, I would like to introduce to you my new series: Roots a series covering my life in Thailand, its cultural differences, and the reality of life for its people. My goal is to educate and share my love for the country which shaped me.

Now that you’re up to date, I want to wish you (a VERY late) Happy 2018: a year of change, happiness and excellent content.




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