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The new year inspires in me desire for change; I think that feeling is shared with many people around the world. There’s always this nagging inkling in us for change, but there’s something about a new year that really reinforces our drive to be our better selves; maybe it’s the idea of rebirth and starting our new lives with a new slate.

Every new year’s eve I find myself making these promises: ‘that this will be my year’; ‘a year for change’ but my determination slowly wanes and I always end up letting myself down, leaving myself with those miserable pangs of guilt and disappointment. I know I could simply avoid this fleeting feeling by not succumbing to the pressure of wanting to better myself because of a New Year, but I just can’t seem to tear myself away from the idea that I should better myself. So this year, I’m starting the new year and decade with, what I hope, will be a promise I can keep to myself and to you guys and that is: I want to be more consistent with ClothesConfidant. So putting my best foot forward I will start January with a simple, easy to read blog: Minimal Effort.

I like the idea of waking up in the morning and having the time and patience to make myself look presentable. The truth of the matter is, I’m not that kind of girl, and never have been. But recently I feel this immense pressure to try and so over the past month I have perfected a regime that combines two wonderful qualities: ease and speed.If you would like to achieve this effortless (seriously, it’s so effortless even I can do it) please read on.

After prepping my face with numerous skin creams, serums, oils etc… I am now ready to pack on the makeup. I always start with the cheeks to add a little colour to my face, and for that I’m using Glossier’s Cloud Paint in Puff. It’s lightweight, easy to work with, and it gives off this natural youthful look that I’m currently digging (probably because I’m trying desperately to hold onto my youth). For that youthful feel I keep the application high and tend not to bring it too close towards my nose. I suggest using your ring finger and then a clean dense brush to blend out any harsh lines.  I will then go back in with a powdered blush. I’m currently using Jouer’s Blush Duo: Adore opting for the darker shade in the compact. I like to apply this to the apples of my cheeks, working my way out towards my ears, before going back in with a clean brush to, again, blend out any harsh lines.

As for the highlight, I’m naturally shiny so I tend to keep it to a minimum. I only highlight the high points of my cheeks to keep it simple and cut down on time. A good highlighter I’m currently fond of is the Wet n Wild Megaglo in Precious Petals. It’s a really nice colour and it’s not too glittery; compliments my skin tone; and it’s affordable. And if I really want that high shine, I can always go back in and add more.

They say “eyes are a window to the soul” and that’s true to a certain extent. For me, the eyes are just one more bit of skin I have to put makeup in order to look less dead. To keep it simple and pleasing to my inner lazy safe, I like to apply raw sienna from the ABH’s Renaissance palette all over the lid. For some depth, I take burnt orange from the same palette and blend it into the outer crease to give the illusion of larger eyelids. For a little colour and some added fun, I’ll apply Wet n Wild’s Color Icon comfort zone palette in this dark green duo chrome all over my lids (not beyond my crease) using my ring finger. Sometimes I want to get a little dark with my look, so I might tight line my eyes with a black eyeliner with Maybelline’s Line Tattoo crayon liner in black and blend it out. To complete the eyes, I like to lightly coat my lashes using (in my opinion) the best mascara on the market: Benefit’s Roller Lash. And as for my lips I’m turning to the cult classic: Fenty’s Gloss Bomb in fussy for the ultimate shine thanks to the tiny flecks of glitter and the pink tinge of the gloss.

And here is the finished look. It’s very simple and minimal as the title suggests. I find that with makeup it should enhance your natural beauty, not mask it. So I tend to lean towards a light wash of colour for my cheecks and eyes. Sometimes I will go a bit darker on the lips, but not today’s look. Today I kept it youthful and fresh.

Thank you for taking the time to stop by! If you want to see a little more of me during the week my Instagram and Twitter are linked in the top corner. Anyways, that’s it from me this week. You might be hearing from me again later this month, if not, I WILL see you next month.


This is not a sponsored post. All items were bought by me. Any/all affiliate will be in bold and underlined.

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